Enjoying a Leisure Trip to Bangkok – The City of Angels

Bangkok is the Capital City of Thailand and one of the largest cities in this country. The city of Bangkok is one of the major global tourist destinations and is well known for its high-rising buildings, intense heat, hectic traffic congestion and an exuberant nightlife.  The city is often regarded as a crazy travel destination for fun lovers and people from across the globe love to plan their travel trip to this city at least once in their life time.

From a traveler’s point of view, Bangkok has some of the most unique and beautiful travel attractions and destinations which is seen only in this part of the world. The palaces, temples, markets, shopping centers and an amazing nightlife make this city a great place to visit.  The palaces, temples and other historic buildings are well known for their amazing architectural styles. For those interested in exploring unique ancient and heritage architecture, then Bangkok is one of the best destinations to be at.

If you want to explore Bangkok city in an interesting way, then it is highly recommended to take a ride in tuk-tuk. Tuk-tuk or auto rickshaw is actually a three wheeled vehicle and a traveling in a tuk-tuk and enjoying the beauty of the city is an awesome experience. Some of the major attractions you can cover in Bangkok include  temple of Wat Po, Phra Chan, Amulet Market,  Phahurat Market, Woeng Nakorn Kasem, temple of Wat Saket, Golden Mount, Rattankosin Island etc.


Visit the Thailand-Burma Railway (Death Railway) which was the scene for some of the worst things during World War II. The Thailand-Burma Railway Centre also provides an opportunity to ride the train and reach the Kwai Bridge which is one of the famous attractions at this place. If you are adventurous enough then you can take  a spectacular river trip on a bamboo raft which will leave you really enthralled. You can also have a elephant ride through the jungles which will help you to enjoy the beauty of nature in a better way.

Those interested in Wildlife animals, the Safari World in Bangkok reminds you of an African safari experience with the presence of wildlife species such as lions, zebras, giraffes and more. The Safari World is divided into two parts namely the Safari Park and Marine Park and almost covers over 170 acres of land. The Marine Park offers an amazing view of water animals and their activities which are worth watching. View the cute activities done by the seals and also the somersault sessions of the dolphins along with other entertaining activities.

Apart from the city center there are also a large number of travel attractions which lies around the city and are usually located in calm and serene countryside. The floating market of Ratchaburi is one of the major attractions near Bangkok and you need to take a boat ride to visit this amazing floating market in Bangkok. The market is actually narrow canals that are filled with flat wooden boats and highly piled with fruits, vegetables, sweets, flowers,  spices and other useful items. If you have enough time at your side, then you can also dine at some of the best traditional restaurants where you will get to have a feel of the unique Thai cuisines.

Getting around in Bangkok is very much easy as you can see a wide variety of public transport systems in place. The Skytrain (BTS) and underground (MRT) rail systems are well connected to the major travel destinations, shopping centers and business areas of the city which makes it easy for a traveler to visit these places. River taxis and express boats are considered to be best means of transportation when it comes to visiting the top destinations which are along the river side. Taxis, tuk-tuk, buses, motorbikes are the other common means of transportation which can help you in  easily exploring the city.

For those who need to explore the majority of the travel destinations in Bangkok, it is highly necessary to find a suitable place to stay as it will take some days to explore the major attractions and places. Bangkok is blessed with a high level of quality and budget accommodation facilities which aims at the ultimate satisfaction and comfort of the customers. You can find a good number of budget and luxury hotels / lodges in and around Bangkok and you will never fell short of a good accommodation in Bangkok.