Exploring the Heritage Ruins of Sabratha, Libya

Sabratha is a beautiful travel spot in Libya which lies on the Mediterranean coast, 66 km west of Capital Tripoli. Sabratha is situated in the north western corner of Libya and is well known for its ancient and heritage archaeological resources. Due to its extreme archaeological resources and wealth Sabratha was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982.

The ancient remains and monuments present in Sabratha, makes it a hot travel destination in Libya and people from different places flock towards this historic travel site to see and experience the amazing beauty of Sabratha. Sabratha is also blessed with an extra ordinary landscape beauty due to the presence of the Mediterranean coast lying by its side. In the recent years the Libyan Government has taken initiatives to promote tourism in this country and Sabratha has benefited a lot from this move.

For those who would like to take a break from their busy life and spend some calm time with their friends or family, then Sabratha will be the perfect destination. The city is filled with ancient buildings, monuments; heritage sites etc and you can go and explore these with huge enthusiasm. The most important attraction of Sabratha is the century old theatre, which is believed to have been built during AD 175. The Theatre of Sabratha was rebuilt in the 20th century and still retains and maintains its three-storey architectural backdrop.

Sabratha is also famous for its ancient temples which are dedicated to Serapis, Liber Pater, and Isis. These temples reflect the amazing architectural skills that existed in the early years and are an eye catchy experience.  There is also a Justinian era Christian Basilica and some remaining of mosaic floors which depicts the history of Roman North Africa, and all these are still preserved with high importance.

The Amphitheater in Sabratha reminds you of an ancient Roman city and the amphitheater in Sabratha is found in the outskirts and is considered to be built during the second century. This ancient amphitheater in Sabratha has a capacity of 10000 spectators and in the ancient period people came to this amphitheater to see the famous gladiators in action. If you are traveling to Sabratha, then never miss a chance to visit this amazing piece of heritage and historical architecture.

Another major attraction of Sabratha is the Museum, which houses some of the most valuable treasures from Sabratha. Sabratha is a perfect place for those interested in archaeology and history, as each and every monuments and buildings in Sabratha has a huge history to tell. The Sabratha Theatre, which was built during the reign of the Emperor Commodus (161-192 AD) is another interesting feature that is worth visiting. The Sabratha Theatre is a three storey backdrop of columns which makes it more beautiful and attractive.

Walking through the ruins and reconstructed facades at Sabratha will provide an enjoyable travel and sightseeing experience. The Roman antiquities and mosaics present at Sabratha helps you to make your trip a memorable one. Apart from the monuments and ancient remains at Sabratha, the beach, food and people offers you a fascinating time and helps you keep relaxed all the time. Overall Sabratha and its surrounding places are very much peaceful and calm when compared with the major cities in Libya.

The modern city of Sabratha still makes sure that all the ancient monuments are preserved in the right way so that more travelers can be attracted. The city is well connected to the other cities by road and is just 66 km from Libya’s capital city Tripoli. The nearest airport is at Tripoli and once you get down at Tripoli, you can hire a taxi to reach Sabratha. Even though the road to Sabratha is little tough, you will reall enjoy the trip.

If you are looking for a good place to stay, then there are a lot of high quality luxury as well as budget hotels that can offer you accommodation. The hotels in Tripoli are the best hotels for you to stay while travelling to Sabratha. There are also small and medium hotels in Sabratha and of late more hotels and lodges are coming up in Sabratha to boost the tourism industry. So if you are interested in heritage travel or prefer to travel and visit heritage sites in Libya, then Sabratha will be an ideal travel destination for you and you will never regret visiting this beautiful travel destination in Libya.